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Corporate Clients

One of the priority activities of MCM Car Wash in the field of cleaning services is the work with corporate clients, which have private business cars at their disposal. Furthermore, we offer our cooperation to car dealers and certified rental companies. Currently, MCM Car Wash successfully provides its services to corporate counterparties, including cooperating with the service company Hypertech. Our task - to develop a comprehensive model for streamlined interaction with each corporate client. We appreciate the time of our customers, therefore, minimize all mediating formalities, thanks to packages of proposals developed in four directions:


We envisage the possibility of concluding contracts with the selected by customer list of services for a certain or indefinite time.


For regular corporate clients, there is a system of discounts, as well a s individual packages, created specifically for particular corporations.

„From door to door” service

The additional service "From door to door" was created specifically to save time. We will take the dirty car directly from under the office door or car dealership, then to return it to you intact and safe, and most importantly, impeccably clean.

Payments and Reports

For convenience, it runs as the cash and non - cash payment, with the possibility of invoicing with a delay in time. There is also an additiona l opportunity to compile monthly reports of services provided to the client company, which will allow full control over the costs of funds.

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